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My Whats Happening Page...

Here is what has been going on so far... I am in the process of remaking the Emagic Envelope Program. It will consist of a wide variety of holiday, cartoon, sports and other images as well as the option to use a image of your own. If you use a image of your own, please make sure the image is 450x125 or larger. I should have Emagic up and running in a week or so. I have been really pushing it as I have lost lots of sleep over it. That is how much I think the tool will be useful. I have also added the option of text size, color and style as well as options for Mr., Mrs. and so on. You will see... it is a far cry better than the old emagic.

I am still getting questions as far as when the Multi-logins will be done. It will be up and running and that is all I can say to that. Between working on it and Emagic, it is pain staking work and stressful.

To those that have wrote me and never got a reply, it is because I have been so busy I have not checked my email yet. I will get back to you. Thanks for your patience:)